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2700 wheelchairs donated and counting. The Wheels for Wheels Foundation is a beacon of hope for the estimated 40,000 children in Sri Lanka living with Cerebral Palsy. We believe in more than just providing mobility; for these children, a wheelchair is a gateway to the world, offering freedom and independence beyond measure. With unwavering dedication, the foundation tackles the ambitious task of ensuring every child with CP has access to proper wheelchair facilities. We understand the immense pain and suffering these young individuals endure on a daily basis, and they're committed to alleviating even a fraction of it through their tireless efforts. The flagship initiatives, "Around the Pearl," epitomizes our passion and determination taking on a challenging 10-day cycling ride spanning an impressive 1400km across Sri Lanka. It's not just a physical feat; it's a powerful symbol of solidarity and support for the children who needs help wit mobility Through "Around the Pearl," along with the invaluable support of partners and sponsors, the Wheels for Wheels Foundation raises both awareness and crucial funds. Their mission is clear: to ensure that no child with CP is left behind due to lack of access to proper mobility aids. To date, w've raised funds for an impressive 2700 wheelchairs, each one representing a life transformed.


Children affected by cerebral palsy usually have limited mobility or are completely bed ridden which often leads to various health complications including muscle contractures. Children who do not have wheelchairs find it difficult to live a fulfilling life as they cannot even leave their homes, so they struggle to make friends and find it difficult to fit into a community. 

This project was initiated to enable the children with Cerebral Palsy to get out of their house bound situation and to encourage their maximal participation in the society. The special wheelchair donation camps for children with cerebral palsy will also provide an opportunity for parents to seek assistance if they have a child with cerebral palsy or if they suspect that their child may be affected by the disorder. Please read our reports below to get a comprehensive update on our projects

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