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Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Serendib


‘#SoSri Lanka... that special island in the Indian ocean that offers a cocktail
of pristine golden beaches ,blue whales ,leopards , elephants,
green fields & mountains , clear blue streams, dangling
waterfalls ,architectural marvels, blended in spices , cinnamon
and tea and bound in deep rooted philosophy.
When sprinkled with sunshine , exotic landscape and warm Sri
Lankan smiles, It’s the perfect destination for a cycling holiday or

an epic cycling challenge.

When it’s all offered in the size of your palm, it's almost like

magic a miracle ! ‘

Yasas Hewage
- Sri Lankan Cyclist -

Say Cheers !

From the cosmopolitan bustling  capital of Colombo to the chilled out surfers paradise in Arugam-Bay in the East Coast,  through the party city in the hills of Ella. This one is  on winding roads,  both up hill and down hill . Made  for an easy going cyclist, game for a challenge and a chilled beer to celebrate at the end of it all 


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#RaceAcrossSriLanka #RASL through #Ella on 27th/28th July 2023 .
A 330 km slice of Sri Lanka from the cosmopolitan capital of Colombo to
Surfers Paradise Arugam bay through the Party City in the hills of Ella
This ones is a grind on winding roads on day 1 and a unwind on a long
downhills on day 2 , #EcstaticDownhills. The Perfect Race / Ride
experience to build up for Race The Pearl the ultimate 24 Hour Ultra
Endurance Race of the Indian Ocean on the 28th of October .
#RASL  is a Race , a Ride , a Party and can easily be converted to a holiday
for your friends and family . While you take on the race or ride , your
supporters, friends and family will either hit the road with you on a
road trip by car or take the Ella Odyssey Epic Train
to welcome you at the midway point . Some will get to Arugam-Bay early

to make sand castle, take surfing lessons or sip beer by the beach till you slowly

get there on a bicycle

Stage 1 - Colombo to ella

Day 1 /200 Km The 3XB Climbs
Riders will start at 5.00 from City Of Colombo at 3 minute interval and rider through Ingiriya,
Ratnapura to take on the climbs
The first 200 kms will challenge the riders with the 3XB climbs , but with a 14 hour cut everyone will make it

  • B1- Balangoda

  • B2- Belihuloya

  • B3- Beragala ,

Not forgetting the infamous 7 kms of Haputale (The Big H ) coming after B3 Beragla , which is actually the real
climbing challenge.

At the peak of Haputale at 1500 meter altitude , you will feel the cold chilly wind and if it rains, it will be perfect
for a roadside warm cup of ginger plain tea to rev you up for the Bandarawela long windy downhill.

A well deserved reward for the hard work . If it rains a extra layer of clothes and covered gloves will keep you warm.
The #PartyInElla and the overnight stay is the motivation that keeps the riders spinning over B1, B2 and B3 and the Big H .

The ones who make it to Ella early, will have a lot to do and see , We don't want o talk about nature.
it's an assured gift in Ella . let's keep that secret for the moment
When in Ella shower, beer ,eat , nap and join the party agin in in the night .
Most know that Ella is good for #goodfood restaurants, a foodie's haven !.

We are anchored at Ella 360 our Race Venue Partner.


Stage 2 - ella to arugam bay

Stage 2 will start with some extra sleep and after breakfast at 8.00 am in 3 minute intervals .

As promised will go straight into an amazing downhill through a view made for a picture postcard though the elephant
terrain in Buttala till we hear the sound of the Ocean of the East Coast , #arugambay. A total of 135 kms.

#raceacrosssrilanka will show a slice of the island like never seen before. From the edges of the Indian
ocean , misty hills over climbs good for a Tour De France and thrilling never ending downhills .


When It's all done you would have ' Raced Across Sri Lanka'.
Some will set records to be broken and go to the hall of fame and others will ride it chill to enjoy the beer.


highlights and fees

Dates - 27th & 28th July 2023 

Total Distance  -  330 km 

Stagers - 2

Total Elevation  - 3.800 Meters 

1) SOLO Un-Supported - Individual making a commitment to complete Race Across Sri Lanka .They will ride with no outside support or back up
Early Bird FEE - SLR 12999/- (Race Fee SLR 19,999 )

2) SOLO Supported - The Riders are allowed to have one official Support vehicle with a approved
crew leader
Early Bird FEE - SLR 19,999/- (Race Fee SLR 29,999)

3) TEAM Relay - A team of 2 riders . Usually Cycling Buddies . Friends & Family , Office Colleges
Rider 1 one will ride Stage 1 and Rider two will ride Stage 2
Early Bird FEE - SLR 29,999/- (Race Fee SLR 39,999)

4) Stage 1 Uphill (200 km) - Take up the 3XB and the Big H from Colombo To Ella
Early Bird - SLR 8900 /-

5) Stage 2 Downhill (135 km) - Tackle the winding downhill and run up to sunny coast of Arugam-Bay

Early Bird - SLR 8900/-


Warning - Study Downhill RisK

We recommend starting by understanding downhilling techniques and practicing braking and cornering . The risk of losing control of your bike on a technical downhill on open roads has to be avoided...


Study the race on strava to understand the technical downhill from Haputalwe to Bandarawela , Ella to Ravana Falls . Practice downhilling technique and remember speed thrills, but it can kill, as we saw in the 2023 Tour De France death of 26 year old Gini Marder     Watch this video from Minute 11.25 . on Tips for Downhill Safety. 


Endurance and Ultra Endurance events are becoming popular. It's a  great way to be active and healthy and live an exciting life rather than being inactive on a  TV couch  . A key part of this is being proactive on wellness rather than waiting for illness .  We've had many discussions on this starting with #HeartTalk in 2015.  Body undergoes many changes as one ages and these changes should not be taken for granted. Pushing limits on an untrained body is a risk  at the same time your body will undergo changes during ultra endurance events and might not be able to cope up with the stress . So what should you do ? Make regular visits to the doctor and discuss some of these Tests by specifically mentioning your lifestyle. A sudden death during or shortly after a hard cycle ride  is very rare, but it is  found that most of  such cases occurred in people who had preexisting heart disease or a congenital heart problem. In simple TEST up before you Buckle up   1. Complete Blood Count (CBC) test --This test measures your haemoglobin levels, the amount of white blood cells and platelets in your blood. It simply signifies if you are free from infections and how good your immunity is. Right now your body might be fighting Dengue  2. Cardiac health tests A. ECG/Stress test--ECG or the electro-cardiogram measures the electrical signals that travel through the heart. Importance-This monitors the functioning of the heart, which can help in preventing sudden heart failure post a hard ride  B.Lipid Profile test--This test maps your serum and blood lipid levels and can estimate the HDL/LDL ratio.  Importance--High LDL level is detrimental to the heart because it combines with other molecules and tends to clog the arteries. HDL removes the LDL molecules and protects the heart against the effects of LDL. C. Creatine PhosphoKinase (CPK) test--The CPK tests measure the amount of enzyme creatine phosphokinase in the blood. The enzyme is found primarily in the heart, skeletal muscles and brain tissue and the test measures the damage to heart muscle. Importance-- High CPK levels in the blood indicate a muscle/ heart/ brain injury that can be aggravated by intense training for the marathon. 3. Diabetes test A. HBA1c, also called the glycated haemoglobin test--It is used to diagnose type 2 diabetes. It measures the amount of sugar attached to the haemoglobin in the blood. B. Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) test--This test measures the blood glucose levels after the person has been fasting for eight hours. C. D3 Hydroxybutyrate test-- It measures the ketone level in the blood to detect diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening complication of diabetes. 4. Calcium and vitamin D tests for bone health Vitamin D and calcium are important for maintaining bone and muscle health. Low levels of these indicate that you may be prone to ligament or muscle tear or bone injuries. These deficiencies also prolong the healing process. 5. Kidney Function Test Importance-- Kidneys play a significant role in maintaining the water and salt balance in the body, thereby maintaining the body's blood pressure. It also plays an important role in the production of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) . A well-functioning kidney is critical for intense cycling  training and ultra endurance events  6. Liver Function Test Liver plays an important role in digestion, metabolism and detoxification. During hard cycling training, toxins are produced in the body that need to be eliminated and hence monitoring the liver becomes necessary (Adapted from Dr Nilesh Shah's work)  Watch #HeartTalk   ​
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