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Repair you bike

Have a problem with your bike?.. come over to spinner and get your bike repaired, it can be a bike that you just got or a bike that was in your garage for years. we will fix it up to tip-top shape so you can enjoy rides and have fun.

Two Man Bicycle Store
Sports Bicycle

Service you bike

Like a car, to keep your bike in tip-top shape you got to maintain it weekly. we at spinner do services so your bike will be looking brand new for your next ride.

Rent a bike

Not ready to buy your first bike yet?... come over to spinner and rent a bike and have fun.

Bicycle in Europe
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Something about us...

Spinner has promoted cycling for a decade while setting the

benchmark for cycling mechanical service, bio-mechanics, and
events. The below bicycle models are practical and affordable for
commuting (bike To Work). They are quality-checked by Spinner
Team and ready to ride and you are assured of spinner team’s

support for your ride

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