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what is world's end and
what is 4xr

World's End is situated at the edge of the highest motorable road of Sri Lanka and a world famous tourist attraction . It's located on Horton Plain. The plain's vegetation is grasslands blended  with montane forest and includes many endemic woody plants . Large herds of Sri Lankan Sambre Deer is a feature as typical mammals. Hence the logo design. Don't be surprised to have a leopard sighting  as the plains is home for three dozens of them .The park is also a bird lovers  paradise  with many species not only endemic to Sri Lanka but restricted to the Horton Plain. The 4 x R stems from the climbs starting with  'R' s, Ramboda , Radella, Rendapola leading to the town of Nuwara-Eliya . The Event will take the riders over 4000 meters of climbing spread over 180 kms , through the Rs to the World's End and back. At the end of each climb the riders come back  to the Race HQ, which is an hotel , this gives chance recover , rejuvinate and go for the next R . This also means that the riders will meet their supporters for high fives , four times during the challenge . Supportes who are mostly family and friends either can drink tea , eat strawberries , read books ,take nap or go for a walk in the park  till the riders come back from the hills. Also know as a Sri Lankan  #CyclingHoliday 

Life is a climb and I do it my way…

Every downhill I enjoy, is never given, but always earned. I can’t boil the ocean, but may be inspire one more. Every day I’m at the start line and I will rarely ask what the finish will be like. Today I will ride where most rarely dream of. What I will see and what I will do... sometimes only silence can explain...


highlights and fees

RACE Head Quarters  - Nuwara-Eliya City Center

Date - 6th May 2023 

Total Distance  -  180 km

Total Elevation  - 4000 Meters 

Time Allowed  - 12 hours 

1) Climb 1 - Rendapola  - 20 km  (10 km down and 10 km up ) 

2) Climb 2 - Ramboda - 45 km

3) Climb 3 - Radella Short & Sharp   -  25 km 

4) Climb 4 - Radella Long  and Winding - 30 km

5) Climb 5 - Worlds End  - 60 km 

FEES ( Early Bird Registration Fee) 

1. Solo - LKR 32,000

2. Team Relay T2 - 2 member - LKR 44,000

3. Team Relay T3 - 3 member - LKR 56,000

4. Team Relay T4 - 4 member - LKR 68,000


highlights and fees


Yasas speaking with Andy on cycling , climbing mindset and life during Everesting Sri Lanka in 2019 . An event by GoCeilao and organized by Spinner Epic Cycling Events 

Lets climb

Climbing is a mediation and the reward is a downhill, a reminder to the lesson that every up will have a down, just like in life. It's all about how you face it and take it. It's been a decade of climbing for some of us. We are glad to share what the paradise island of Sri Lanka has to offer to the world.

From now onwards let's call this Cycling Challenge:  World's End 4XR  #ClimbingCocktails. The event will happen on  in the picturesque Central Hill Country of Sri Lanka , known as Nuwa- Eliya ,at 2000 meter altitude . This is the Head Quarters of #PureCeylonTea  and is sprinkled with epic categorized climbs, without the snow caps of Alps, Pyrenees  Leh & Ladakh, but with rays of sunshine and warm smiles of Sri Lankan hospitality . It's a haven for every cycling challenge-seeker and holday creater.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is an island country in South Asia. It lies in the Indian
Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of
Mannar and the Palk Strait, The tropical island has a beautiful mix of flora and fauna.
Despite it’s small size, Sri Lanka is among the top five biodiversity hotspots in the world.
World famous for the elephants , whales and leopard , Sri Lanka gives a handful for culture
and architecture enthusiasts , with over 2000 year's of rich history and archeology to dive into.
The active traveler will find Sri Lanka a heaven for an outdoor lifestyle . Calm sea water fronts for
swimming, pristine beaches for running , nature trails for walks and empty rural roads for
cycling, a perfect blend for your lifestyle
At the center of the paradise island are the hills engulfed in tea plantation and clear blue
Skys . We are excited to make the most of them and the cool climate for an epic Cycling
Climbing Challenge to get the world to look at our amazing hill climbs in awe . It’s bound to
be a one of a kind experience
#SoSri Lanka, is that tear drop looking special island in the Indian ocean that offers a cocktail of pristine beaches, architectural marvels , blue whales ,leopards , elephants, deep rooted philosophy. exotic spices ,Ceylon cinnamon and tea ,when blended with deep rooted philosophy exotic landscape  and sprinkled with sunshine a warm friendly smile.. 
we call it a Sri Lankan #ClimbingCocktail.

Yasas Hewage
Founder World’s End 4XR ––#ClimbingCocktails
Organizer of Race The Pearl 24 Hour Race /Around The Pearl in 10 Days /
Organizing Partner of Ironman70.3 Colombo
Sri Lanka, The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

#visitsrilanka for climbing cocktails

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